The Hunt for Rogue Words is Officially On: A to Z Blogging Challenge

Today I have officially signed up for the 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge! As many of you know, I have decided to write about rogue words and how to deal with them. Thank you to all of you who have already provided me with your challenging words.

If you missed my call for words, it’s not too late. I am still looking for words starting with C, G, H, M, N, O, Q, and R. I can pick my own tricky words, but I’d rather hear from you! So if you have a word you’d like me to tackle, please feel free to add it below or on my original rogue words post.

Blogging from A to Z 2015 Challenge

Are any of you participating in A to Z this year?

25 thoughts on “The Hunt for Rogue Words is Officially On: A to Z Blogging Challenge

    1. Oooo…that is a fantastically terrible word! Thank you, I will be happy to include it. Those s,c,z words are tough. I’m already having a lot of fun writing about these words. Hope you enjoy the series when it gets here in April!


  1. Sue, to the rescue! Today I saw a honey ‘crueller’ in Tim Hortons, but I thought it was a honey ‘cruller’. Did Tim Horton’s have a spelling mistake?
    My aunts would say stuff like ‘homey’ look or ‘homely’ look to describe a person. From the context, they seemed to mean that the person is pretty in a quiet way. What is the right word and what does it mean really?
    I have seen the word quintessential pop up but I have no idea how to use it or I can’t say I understand what it really means.

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    1. Look out, it’s a cruel cruller! It looks like the general consensus is “cruller,” but I have grown up with “crueller” so this looks like a worthy topic, indeed! And thank you for your other ones, too – I will add them to my list. I’d define them all now, but then where would be the fun in April? 🙂


      1. I would say pre-schedule, set aside time to comment on others and try to find the wp based bloggers, i really don’t find i get much feedback, comments, follows etc from other platforms, its a shame but thats mye xperience x

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  2. Okay, here’s one for the Q queue. Quaff. I love the word. I just don’t find nearly enough uses for it–and it’s likely because it unsettles me. I don’t see it used often enough to make it familiar to me or to my readers. It feels like it requires a lot of set up and crafty context skills.
    I’m hoping you have something up your clever sleeves, Sue.

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    1. Yes, quaff! Thanks for reminding me of that fabulous word, Shelley. True story: During high school, a friend of mine wrote a story using quaff for creative writing class, and was told by the teacher that it was not a word! I will attempt to do it justice. 🙂


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