Conversation Corner

In my “Conversation Corner” post series, I hold in-depth conversations about communication and publishing topics with fellow writers and other professionals. I’ve collected them here in case you missed them the first time around.

Brenna Layne, YA Fantasy Writer

A conversation about writing, teaching, connections, and the importance of dragons.

Dylan Hearn, Author of The Transcendence Trilogy

A conversation about desire and opportunity, world-building, reader engagement, and electronica.

Lori MacLaughlin, Author of Lady, Thy Name is Trouble

A conversation about finding inspiration, interpreting body language, surviving the self-publishing process, and squawking.

Alex Hurst, Author and Traveller

A conversation about travelling, introversion, English teaching, and the perils of ferocious kanji.

Shelley Sackier, Author of Dear Opl and Humour Blogger

A conversation about using large words, writing for children, how to be funny, and the advantages of having Jell-O for brains.

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