Away, White Witch!

“The White Witch? Who is she?”

“Why, it is she that has got all Narnia under her thumb. It’s she that makes it always winter. Always winter and never Christmas; think of that!”

– The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

I’ll admit it. I am tired of winter right now. February is the cruelest month as far as I’m concerned, and this particular February has been one of the worst. Feeling trapped indoors makes me want to snap at people. Many people are blaming Elsa for our horrible weather, but I know the real story. We’ve clearly run afoul of the White Witch from C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

For those who don’t know the story, the White Witch subjects the magical land of Narnia to a perpetual winter in an attempt to rule over everyone. All the Narnians live in fear of her. She gets angry when contradicted and turns the offenders to stone. The Narnians don’t dare speak up against her.

Mr. Tumnus

“We must go as quietly as we can,” said Mr. Tumnus. The whole wood is full of her spies. Even some of the trees are on her side.”

Winter is a time when we all get grumpy. But that’s no excuse to start blasting people at the least sign of disagreement. Thankfully, we have a better role model in Lucy.

In the story, all four Pevensie children eventually take up the fight against the White Witch. But my favourite character has always been Lucy. Lucy is forthright and courageous. She tells the truth, no matter how unpopular.

On a day when the children are exploring the house because they are trapped inside by the rain (what I wouldn’t give for some lovely rain right now, rather than snowstorms!), Lucy discovers the country of Narnia by journeying through a wardrobe. When she tells her siblings about it, they don’t believe her. They try to convince her she is mistaken. But she refuses to say anything but the truth, regardless of the consequences.

When I first read this story as a child, I wanted to be like Lucy. Then I grew up and had to deal with Lucies that argued with me in the dead of winter. That’s when the White Witch starts coming out.

Sometimes it’s difficult to deal with people who have a different opinion from you. Especially when they don’t back down. But they are telling the truth as they see it. Rather than being grumpy about it, I try to appreciate the strength of their convictions. When I am at my best, I show my appreciation for their willingness to express their views.

Both The White Witch and Lucy believe they are in the right. Which one would I rather be today?

I say: Away, White Witch!

Soon the beech trees had put forth their delicate, transparent leaves. As the travellers walked under them the light also became green. A bee buzzed across their path.

“This is no thaw,” said the dwarf, suddenly stopping. “This is Spring.”


Image from the movie The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Do you have a Lucy in your life who argues with you? How do you deal with it? And how are you handling this winter weather? Better than me, I hope!

19 thoughts on “Away, White Witch!

  1. I know a few Lucy’s. I can hold my ground when I need to. Other times, it’s not worth the effort, and I save my breath. πŸ™‚

    I’m definitely sick of winter, but March is actually my least favorite month. It teases us. Makes us thing spring is coming and then dumps another round of snow and cold on us. Grrr.

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    1. Sad, but true. It would be nice if this year turns out to be different and all the snow is gone after February. Alas, it seems unlikely. πŸ™‚
      And yes, sometimes saving our breath is the best method!

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  2. I’m not a fan of Winter either. Having a bright blue sky seems to make me feel happier and fills me with energy. The cold and gloomy days start to get to me after a while. That’s why I went away to a sunnier place this year to pass some of this time by. We shouldn’t think of opinions as being a threat to our ego. It can be interesting to discuss differences in point of view and there’s usually a reason for why they differ to do with our back story or motivations in life. It’s difficult to keep your cool though when someone is really opinionated, even to the point where it feels like they’re being hostile about it. These people are probably just easier to ignore and brush off as they’ll probably never consider anything anybody else has to say anyway.

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      1. Thanks. I’ve just found that with opinions two people can both be right, or maybe I’m wrong but it’s a chance to learn something. I’ve just found that there are certain people that will not budge no matter what (even when you give them evidence to contradict them), and all this does is frustrate me because it feels like a one way conversation. Convincing them probably doesn’t matter in the long run though and there will always be other people out there who do share the same opinions. I make the effort to thank people for sharing their views though and this can soften the blow a little I find (it seems to surprise a lot of people who are expecting a defensive reaction too – has this become the norm or something?)

        Light seems to make a huge difference. Perhaps our bodies are designed to slow down when it’s cold and dark. Unfortunately I was hoping to skip past the snowy weather, but flakes are falling from the sky right now.

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  3. I don’t mind discussing things with people of opposite opinions as long as they are willing to consider my side, too. That’s not to say that either of us needs to change our minds. We can agree to disagree without being unpleasant about it. I like to think I’m open-minded. If the other person isn’t, though, I don’t bother. As to this winter, I am thoroughly tired of it and ready for spring! πŸ™‚

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    1. I like to think I’m open-minded, too. Although it would be hard to be that way about everything. We all have our push buttons! I really enjoy having discussions with people who have different views when everyone’s open to it.

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  4. And have you noticed how when certain people disagree with you, you immediately feel your hackles rise and you are on the defensive. I’ve often wished I could be more laid back when I’m faced with that one person. I’m ready for spring too. And this morning I saw that the daffodils are budding. It’s coming, folks! It may be a while, but spring is around the corner!

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    1. Hi, Margie! Yes, there always seems to be a particular person who triggers that reaction. When that happens, I try to pretend it’s someone else that I don’t know all that well, and then it becomes less personal.

      So glad to hear the daffodils are budding where you are. It will be a while here yet! In the meantime, I have some tulips on my kitchen table to cheer me up. πŸ™‚

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  5. I adore winter. And the grayer and gloomier the better. The sun really gets in the way of my writing mindset. I probably should move someplace really depressing and dour. I’d be a writing maniac. And likely have no social life to speak of. Wait … that’s the case as it is now. It’s just that it’s too sunny for three seasons of the year.
    And as far as disagreeable people, I keep a rather wide berth of them. I just don’t have the energy to argue. Subject changing can be a tactical skill worth practicing.
    Lovely post, Sue. Happy March!

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    1. Shelley, I am now picturing you cackling with glee to yourself as you write in your tower in the inaccessible, fog-bound, freezing wasteland. Thank you for that happy thought! Nice to know somebody is enjoying winter. πŸ˜‰

      Changing the subject is an essential skill – too bad some people don’t take the hint! Happy March to you as well, my friend. πŸ™‚


  6. Another great Post!
    You might be interested to learn that I have been working on some of my own fiction on my site – when it’s up I’ll send u th Link!
    Been falling behind w other bloggers’ Posts, but always make sure I catch DBWs; thanks for Liking my stuff! Keep warm!

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  7. February is my bleakest month too. Some days, everybody around me turns into a white witch, I am sure of it ;-). Those days, I stay low. I don’t speak my mind. I am very quiet and wary. I warn my family that I am very very crabby. Only books will do. I wait for glimpses of blue skies. We shall emerge triumphant. Spring will come.

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  8. The weather keeps tricking us over here! There is a saying in Kyoto, “Four steps forward, three steps back”, in regard to winter and its tendency to linger unexpectedly. Even though I already know this, it’s still disappointing when I start to get the warm energy flowing, and then it’s cold again! Brr!

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