Rogue Words from A to Z: The Riddle of the Resuscitated Reputation

A to Z Letter RMany difficult English words have a Latin origin, such as words that have the letter combination sc. Sc is pronounced s, and is found in words like science or discipline or susceptible. One of the worst spelling offenders in this group is the word resuscitate.

Resuscitate comes from the Latin resuscitatus, from the verb resuscitare (to reawaken), from re- + suscitare (to rouse). It means to revive from apparent death.

My way of remembering how to spell this persistently annoying word is to break it down into parts: re + sus + cit + ate.

To help you remember this tip and sustain your strength of will in the face of this exciting word (and avoid becoming irate), I have written a very short story.

The Riddle of the Re+sus+cit+ated Reputation

Akko citadelShe ventured in to the citadel at the heart of the city to examine the supposedly dead criminal, who had been cited for various offenses.

As she examined the suspect, she could see that it had sustained some damage, but not enough to kill it. She had a suspicion that it could be rejuvenated, restored, or even revivified.

But did she want it to be?

Her heart palpitated as she pulled out her sharpened wooden weapon and prepared to penetrate the hated offender’s heart.

She scratched out the horrifyingly bad passage in her manuscript with her pencil.

After all, she had her author’s reputation to resuscitate, and this inane drivel wasn’t going to get her there.



Image of Akko Citadel from Ian and Wendy Sewell

This post is dedicated to norwegiantransplant. Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, where I will snare the sneaky letter S…


© Sue Archer at Doorway Between Worlds, 2015

24 thoughts on “Rogue Words from A to Z: The Riddle of the Resuscitated Reputation

  1. Arghhhh…. those restless words! in French or English, they are horrible to remember…”resuscitate” in French is “ressusciter” I also need to split it in 3 sections to remember: res/sus/citer and in Spanish it is “resuscitar” (much easier)…and I wonder why sometimes my brain cannot spell!

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    1. Interesting that in French it’s ressus rather than resus – does that ever make things complicated! I like the sound of “resuscitar” as a word. Thanks for sharing, Nicole!


  2. Nice! I do have problems with that word–if I’m…ahem…away from my spellchecker. 🙂 I’ve book marked your page. I’m coming back to read more of these troublesome words. 🙂 Nicely done!

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  3. I’ve rarely had to use this word, but I bet now that I need to think about it, I’m always going to spell it wrong now, like I do with parallel, or harassment. At least with resuscitate, I know that the “sc” goes where there are two subsequent ‘s’ sounds. 😛

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