Awards and Badges

Thank you to my fellow bloggers who have nominated me for a blog award or tagged me in a blog hop!

Liebster AwardLiebster Award

Thank you to Eva Langston for nominating me for this award. Here is my acceptance post, where I reveal my favourite dessert and the weirdest job I have ever had.


Wonderful Team Member Readership AwardWonderful Team Member Readership Award

Thank you to Celine Jeanjean for nominating me for this award. I think it’s important to read and support other blogs, so I was happy to receive this particular award.

versatile-bloggerVersatile Blogger Award

Thank you to Lori MacLaughlin for nominating me for this award. I am truly honoured to be recognized in this way when I am surrounded by so many great writers.

Writing Process Blog Hop

Thank you to Andrew Knighton for tagging me in this fun blog hop, where I talk about my writing process.

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