Four Guidelines for Editing Your Way Through the Corporate Jungle

Some of you may know that my day job involves writing and editing for a corporation. I have a post out this week on the Editors’ Weekly blog on editing your way through the corporate jungle. I thought I’d post it here for those who may be interested. Please feel free to comment here if you have any thoughts on the post that you’d like to share.

Stay tuned for more DBW posts coming in December. My course is almost over, so I will have more time to blog soon. Thanks for sticking with me. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Four Guidelines for Editing Your Way Through the Corporate Jungle

  1. Great piece. As someone whose job is probably 60% writing and 40% editing/QC in a corporate setting, I am a front-line soldier in the daily battle against corporate jargon. Sometimes, as I review documentation provided by clients for a project, and I want to call them and demand the name of the “writer” so I can suggest a new career direction.

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  2. Great article Sue! It’s interesting to get a different take on editing – I only ever read / hear from publishing editors. What’s interesting is that those points you made pretty much apply to fiction too, to any kind of writing really. It’s a slightly different spin for fiction vs non fiction, but the core principles behind each point are essential no matter what we’re writing.

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    1. Thanks, Celine! I always find it interesting to hear about editing from different areas – I once had an in-depth discussion with someone who was a scientific editor, and it was fascinating. Like you say, a lot of the key principles apply everywhere – it’s the details that are different. Publishing tends to focus on getting everything “just right” – something that we don’t always have the luxury for in corporate work.

      I love working on a variety of things to see all the different threads and how they tie together. 🙂


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