“Night of the Apostrophe Ninja” Published in The Ghouls’ Review

Hi everyone,

My story “Night of the Apostrophe Ninja” has just been published in the Grammar Corner column of the inaugural edition of The Ghouls’ Review. Editor-in-Chief Suzanne Purkis (from the excellent blog Apoplectic Apostrophes) has brought together a fantastic collection of fiction and creative non-fiction. I encourage you to check it out!

komori ninja

Image Credit: Komori by Gary Dupuis. Stock art purchased from http://www.rpgnow.com


17 thoughts on ““Night of the Apostrophe Ninja” Published in The Ghouls’ Review

  1. Firstly, congratulations on the publication and recognition! Secondly, it’s not surprising, as it’s a wonderfully worthy piece, and as always, entertaining. Lastly, thanks for the link to the magazine–it’s chock full of other lovely articles too. It’s great to see your name there, Sue. Cheers to you.

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