The Ghouls Have Returned!

Ghouls just wanna have funHappy Hallowe’en, everyone! I hope you are having a ghoulishly good time. I will shortly be shuffling through the streets with my son in search of brains, but before I do, I want to share some frighteningly fantastic news.

My grammar story “Abracadabra! Addressing Affect vs. Effect” has been published in the fall issue of The Ghouls’ Review by Grammar Ghoul Press. If you’re in the mood for creative reading treats so delicious they will pop out your eyeballs (ah, those pesky loose eyeballs), come by and haunt this fiendish site!

(There is also a monstrous picture of me, where you can see what I look like at midnight.)

Ghoulishly yours,


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26 thoughts on “The Ghouls Have Returned!

      1. I dunno Pat, maybe it’s time to bring out that ancient magical samurai sword that’s been collecting dust in your basement. (Or I could just send over my son, the frost ninja. He’ll kick their butts for you!)

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      2. I do have a dusty samurai sword in the basement. But I’m sure it’s buried under all of the UFO wreckage, and robot chassises (is that even a word?) and Deep Sea diving equipment… send over the Frost Ninja.

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